Channel Notice #1:

Occasionally I will be updating a channel notice on this blog, this would give you an update of what’s going on in my channel and also give you an opportunity to request different things and ask me different questions.

If you have been checking out my channel recently, I have been uploading sections of the longer sola scriptura video (you can find the link here) you can find these videos in my playlist on sola scriptura and may be more convenient if you don’t have the time to watch the entire episode in one go.

Furthermore, I have been working on the series on the resurrection which aims to give you bitesize videos about each component in the defence of the resurrection. If you haven’t checked it out, feel free to go to my channel and find that playlist.

If you have any requests for what series or topics that I should explore after this part on the resurrection, feel free to comment here or in the comment section of one of my videos, I am open to any suggestion.

Just a quick reminder, if you are interested in apologetics, theology or philosophy feel free to follow this blog and subscribe to my youtube channel, it is completely free and you can always change your mind.

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