A Defence of Genesis 26

What is this about?

Have you ever heard about criticisms of slavery in the Bible? Or suggestions that the Bible is sexist? Or about random crazy stuff that the atheist raises about the Old Testament? We answer that here!

What will I be doing?

The reason why I departed from the series that I was working on is due to a video that I saw on youtube. This was made by a youtuber named “Friendly Atheist” who tried to point out inaccuracies or wrong things within the Bible.

It was clear that he was very confused about the topic, but it was apparent from the comment section that his audiences were just going to let him get away with his underhanded criticisms and sarcastic misconceptions.

That’s why I decided to respond to his video and show why “Everything Wrong with Genesis 26” is really wrong.

The Video I Respond To.

Go check my video out!

Instead of having a write up here, I would like to direct you immediately to my video which you can find here. Since the video is very long, it would be inconvenient to write everything down here as well.

If you are interested in this content and these responses, make sure you check the video out.

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