Soul Making Theodicy

Today, we continue our discussion on solutions to the problem of evil. In the last video, we discussed Plantinga’s Free Will Defence which aims to show that evil and God are logically compatible. But a lot of the times, the problem of evil is more of an emotional problem instead of a logical one. When this occurs, one can turn to a theodicy instead of a defence which aims to explain the existence of evil instead of just showing it is compatible with God.

What is the Soul Making Theodicy?

The soul making theodicy is a very old theodicy raised by significant church figures throughout the ages ranging from Irenaeus to Hick. This is essentially the idea that some of the evil which exists in the world is there to develop us as humans and make us better people.

Hence, it seems to make sense that God would allow some evil to exist to make us better humans.

Suffering is but another name for the teaching of experience, which is the parent of instruction and the schoolmaster of life.


A Soul-Rebirth Theodicy?
This can be seen as a variation of the soul-making theodicy stemming from the purpose of human existence. Contrary to an atheistic worldview, human existence has meaning and purpose—and this purpose is to be with God.

With this in mind, if suffering leads people to come to God, wouldn’t suffering then be explained, for suffering is indeed a mean in order to bring people closer to their purpose!


If you want to learn more, make sure you check out my video that I posted on my channel, you can find it by clicking (here). I discuss these topics in depth and I hope you enjoy it.

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