Is the Past Infinite? Malpass & Rasmussen: A Review


Since it is Sunday, I am back at it again with reviewing debates and discussions on religion, today I am covering the recent discussion on Joe’s channel between Dr. Alex Malpass and Dr. Josh Rasmussen. You can find my video where I discuss it here.


As per usual, I make notes for my reviews, here you can download my notes for this review, apologies in advance for my poor handwriting, I write it as I normally do during a debate so it is quite messy (I also spilt some water on it…)

Like always, for more information and the actual video, feel free to check it out on my channel, the video can be found here. Also if you enjoy this content make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and also follow this blog, it means a lot to me, share it with your friends and let us spread the word of God togther.

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