Richard Dawkins Cancelled! My Thoughts


To those who don’t know, Richard Dawkins, the famous New Atheist, was recently targeted for a few tweets relating the trans community. He had his medal removed by the American Humanist Association and it was clear that he faced opposition from these parties and a lot of other popular atheists or woke leftists.

My thoughts on this case:

When we observe the nature of the tweet found below, we can see that what Richard Dawkins posted was ideologically neutral, the post itself doesn’t represent the author’s view, rather he is providing a platform for people’s thoughts to be stimulated. Hence, it is irrational to argue that he is bigoted for even raising a topic to discuss.

The Tweet

My thoughts on Cancel Culture:

Cancel culture is a harmful movement which is anti-intellectual and anti-honesty. Instead of trying to intellectually engage in the opposition viewpoint, they have to turn to dishonest means of oppression and antagonism to eradicate any opposition.

Wrap up:

For my entire thoughts, feel free to check out the entire video on my YouTube channel where I talk about it in depth. The video can be found here.

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