The Interpretation Argument


Today I respond to a video made by Ocean Keltoi who raises the interpretation argument. Find my thoughts attached in my notes below or on my Youtube channel here.

13 thoughts on “The Interpretation Argument

  1. hat’s quite an excuse, A.

    Christian contradict each other in their interpretations and spread their own version which only depends on their personal hates and desires. None of you can show your version is the right one, and since none of you can do the miracles that JC promised you could do, you are evidently all frauds. See Mark 16, John 14 and James 5.

    Your bible says there is no “free will”. You can read this in Romans 9, Matthew 13, and John 15, among other places.


    1. Your argument here is completely irrelevant to my argument and my response. If you read my notes and watched my video, it is clear that I never claimed that any interpretation of the bible is correct, they could all be wrong for the sake of my response. There are multiple places where free will is seen in the bible. The fact that there are moral commandments demonstrates that there must be free will.
      The idea that we are all frauds is absurd and it is a clear indication that you just do not take the arguments or the bible seriously at all. But that’s for you to think about. Once again even if everything you said here was true, my response to the interpretation argument would be unscathed


      1. No, my argument is not irrelevant for your claim that the contradictory claims of Christians isn’t important. I read and watched and you have yet to show that your version of Christianity is correct or that any version is.

        So, where is free will seen in the bible, A? I’ve read it. I know what it says.

        There is nothing about the existence of moral commandments that requires free will. And that Christians again don’t agree on which of those to follow is again showing that you are all making this nonsense up.

        You have yet to show that you are a Christian as described in the bible, with the powers promised to you. So yes, you are a fraud. It’s very funny that I take the promises by your supposed messiah more seriously than you do. You do your best to ignore those rather inconvenient verses.

        and nope, your claims here about interpretation fail and you are not “unscathed” at all.


      2. Lmao if I’m a fraud in christianity u must be a fraud in using ur brain, just think about what u say and if u don’t realise it doesn’t make sense at all, then there’s rly no point arguing here. There is a phrase in the bible don’t throw your pearls to swine, unless there’s serious arguments here there’s no point in me dealing with this.
        Just to let you know free will is necessary for moral responsibility that’s what I’ve said previously


      3. Hmm, still a supposed Christian who can’t do what his messiah said he should be able to.

        Wonder why?

        Free will may indeed be necessary for complete moral responsiblity. Humans do not have that free will and your bible has nothing about moral responsibility, only following orders from your god, who chose you before you were born to obey it.


      4. There can be a response which comes in the form that I give you the version of Christianity, but that is actually unneeded. Since my argument in the list is not that I have a specific version of Christianity, nor that I actually have the correct one, that is for another post, I will leave that to aside.
        Rather, unless you can respond or defeat my defeater of the interpretation argument then this post is successful. Even if every interpretation in the world of the Bible was wrong, my argument is independent from such a view.
        But the existence of heaven and hell, does imply the chance of moral responsibility as there are significant consequences to actions, however, this is still beyond the scope of the relevant discussion


      5. and unsurprisingly, you refuse to indicate what kind of Christian you are. you don’t want to pick one and find out your choice fails.

        this goes to show that C.S. Lewis had a point when he advocated in lying to potential christians about the schisms among Christians.

        your argument is not independent of what you believe is the true Christianity. Remember, I know that Christians don’t agree on morality.

        alas, again, we have moral-less Christians who can’t figure out what morals their god wants and want to lie that they all agree. Thanks for admitting that your bible makes no difference at all to Christians when it comes to morality.


      6. That’s a complete misrepresentation and straw man of my arguments please bother in actually interacting with what I am saying and my arguments then putting words into my mouth and just promoting intellectual dishonesty


      7. “That’s a complete misrepresentation and straw man of my arguments please bother in actually interacting with what I am saying and my arguments then putting words into my mouth and just promoting intellectual dishonesty”

        Then show how. Or admit you are lying.


      8. The reason why I’m not saying what kind of Christian here is because it’s irrelevant not because “don’t want to pick one and find out your choice fails” I’ve talked a lot about my views about morality and the transcendence and moral responsibilties in my livestreams and my book so to suggest that I don’t want to pick one is blatantly absurd. Christians don’t agree on morality is also completely itrelevant the entire point of this post was to demonstrate that the existence of God is not incoherent with the existence of multiple interpretations of the bible.
        I’ve never said they all agree on morals from God I’ve said through our discussion that there are many interpretations of the bible.
        So yes. You have either misread my arguments or purposely strawmanned what I said. Either way I would recommend you to rethink your attitude because your antagonistic approach the everything and suggesting that people are lying is disrespectful to intellectual integrity and demonstrates how insecure one is


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