BEST Books to Read to UNDERSTAND Dostoevsky


Dostoevsky is often considered as one of the most profound, but also most difficult writers to penetrate.

In this article, we introduce to you four of the best books which provide commentary and insight into the wonderful works of Dostoevsky and hopefully you would find them interesting and helpful.

For a more in-depth elucidation of these ideas check my video here.

1. Dostoevsky: An Interpretation

An all-round brilliant analysis of many key themes found in the works of Dostoevsky ranging from freedom, evil, and the nature of man.

Can be bought here.

2. Against Nihilism

Phenomenal analysis of the relationship between Dostoevsky, Nietzsche and other existentialist thinkers, covers themes like nihilism and the Golden Age.

Can be bought here.

3. Dostoevsky’s Dialectics

Great analysis into the nature of human beings and profound insight into the relationship between Dialectics and humanity.

Can be bought here.

4. Letters of Dostoevsky

Great source to understand how Dostoevsky thought about individual matters and books.

Can be bought here.

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