Heidegger’s Dasein and Tillich’s Ultimate Concern: A Discussion

An edited transcript from a recent discussion on Heidegger and Tillich: Today, we’re gonna be talking about Heidegger, his concept of Being (dasein) and the Ultimate Concern of Tillich. These are important thinkers in the development of existentialism, especially the German branch, and would further our knowledge on these concepts. Essentially, just for some backgroundContinue reading “Heidegger’s Dasein and Tillich’s Ultimate Concern: A Discussion”

The Philosophy of Squid Game: Capitalism

Introduction: In this blog post, I would like to analyze the global phenomenon which is Squid Game, but more importantly, the philosophy of Squid Game. In this post specifically, I will be discussing it’s commentary on capitalism and a few things we can learn from it. What I like about Squid Game so much isContinue reading “The Philosophy of Squid Game: Capitalism”