A Gentle Word DEFEATS Anger🔥✝️ | Proverbs 15:1 | Verse of the Day

A gentle word turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1. This verse teaches us to be kind and caring to those around us! We must not spread evil and anger through rash actions and decisions, but rather act in a gentle and kind-hearted manner! For the video analysis, see here.Continue reading “A Gentle Word DEFEATS Anger🔥✝️ | Proverbs 15:1 | Verse of the Day”

Free Philosophy Lectures

The goal of my media platforms (podcast, blog and YouTube channel) has always been to provide leading philosophical analysis in an easily accessible way! The logical step in this direction is to introduce a new series: Philosophy Lectures. Where I and my friends bring together key concepts and analyses of philosophical topics ranging from theContinue reading “Free Philosophy Lectures”

BEST Books to Read to UNDERSTAND Dostoevsky

Introduction: Dostoevsky is often considered as one of the most profound, but also most difficult writers to penetrate. In this article, we introduce to you four of the best books which provide commentary and insight into the wonderful works of Dostoevsky and hopefully you would find them interesting and helpful. For a more in-depth elucidationContinue reading “BEST Books to Read to UNDERSTAND Dostoevsky”

How Marxism is Twisting Society

Introduction: Today we’re going to be talking about why Marxism ruins everyone’s thoughts, people’s ideology, and why is it so dangerous for society? Now, I want to make it very clear that we’re not going to be doing a direct critique of Marx’s philosophy, his ideas, his concepts, but rather we’re going to be discussingContinue reading “How Marxism is Twisting Society”

Dostoevsky’s Critique of Socialism

Dostoevsky had a radical shift from flirting with socialist ideals in the past to becoming one of socialism’s biggest challengers. Why was this the case? In order to understand this change, it is perhaps important to understand his Christian foundations. As a Christian, he believed that the main goal of humans was to love GodContinue reading “Dostoevsky’s Critique of Socialism”

Walk the Talk | The Need to Take Action

We constantly hear people talking about different initiatives and movements. But let us ask ourselves a deeper question, how many of these people actually support and do anything for these movements? In this video, we talk about the problems of merely talking and the need to have more action and application to those around us.Continue reading “Walk the Talk | The Need to Take Action”

Love can save humanity-Dostoevsky

In the works of Dostoevsky, one can clearly see the importance of love to Dostoevsky’s belief about salvation and the nature of man. Let us take into consideration the following quote which perfectly encapsulates Dostoevsky’s belief in love. “Love is such a priceless treasure that the whole world may be purchased with it” Mcduff, David.Continue reading “Love can save humanity-Dostoevsky”

Things to Learn from Dostoevsky #1

One thing that we can learn from Dostoevsky is to work hard in the face of adversity. In many situations, we believe we are the victim of different disadvantages and discrimination or injustice. This all may be true, but that is the truth about life, it is unfair, it is difficult. But at the sameContinue reading “Things to Learn from Dostoevsky #1”