Why Chelsea Play so Good? | An Analysis of the 3-at-the-back

In a dialectical switch away from our normal discussion on philosophy, I would like to share an analysis about football, a discussion of the three-at-the-back system which has served coaches like Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte so well. I hope you enjoy. “Why do Chelsea play so good? Because they have three central defenders closeContinue reading “Why Chelsea Play so Good? | An Analysis of the 3-at-the-back”

Richard Dawkins Cancelled! My Thoughts

Introduction: To those who don’t know, Richard Dawkins, the famous New Atheist, was recently targeted for a few tweets relating the trans community. He had his medal removed by the American Humanist Association and it was clear that he faced opposition from these parties and a lot of other popular atheists or woke leftists. MyContinue reading “Richard Dawkins Cancelled! My Thoughts”

Are Tacitus and Josephus reliable sources?

Intro: A lot of times, when I discuss the resurrection accounts with my friends, they would postulate that using the Bible to support the resurrection is circular. While this is untrue if you approach the Bible as historical sources, I would also provide them with non-Biblical evidence for the eight facts that I have discussedContinue reading “Are Tacitus and Josephus reliable sources?”