How Marxism is Twisting Society

Introduction: Today we’re going to be talking about why Marxism ruins everyone’s thoughts, people’s ideology, and why is it so dangerous for society? Now, I want to make it very clear that we’re not going to be doing a direct critique of Marx’s philosophy, his ideas, his concepts, but rather we’re going to be discussingContinue reading “How Marxism is Twisting Society”

Dostoevsky’s Critique of Socialism

Dostoevsky had a radical shift from flirting with socialist ideals in the past to becoming one of socialism’s biggest challengers. Why was this the case? In order to understand this change, it is perhaps important to understand his Christian foundations. As a Christian, he believed that the main goal of humans was to love GodContinue reading “Dostoevsky’s Critique of Socialism”

Walk the Talk | The Need to Take Action

We constantly hear people talking about different initiatives and movements. But let us ask ourselves a deeper question, how many of these people actually support and do anything for these movements? In this video, we talk about the problems of merely talking and the need to have more action and application to those around us.Continue reading “Walk the Talk | The Need to Take Action”

The Bible Series

In this post, I would like to introduce you to a new series on my YouTube channel—the Bible series. In this series, I will be discussing all things about the Bible, from what we can learn from certain texts to the contexts to certain books in the Bible. To me, the Bible is such aContinue reading “The Bible Series”

Demons | An Introduction

Introduction: Today, we are going to be giving an introduction to Dostoevsky’s masterpiece Demons or the Possessed. In order to do so, we will approach the issue from three perspectives, the context of the novel, the key themes and the key characters. I discuss these issues deeply in my respective YouTube video so you canContinue reading “Demons | An Introduction”

Understanding Genesis | Bible Series

Introduction: One of the most common questions that I receive is how one is meant to understand and interpret Genesis, more specifically the creation account in Genesis 1. Before we start, I want to make it clear that if you are expecting me to give you a definitive answer about what exactly you should believeContinue reading “Understanding Genesis | Bible Series”

Learning from the Bible

What is it: With my channel becoming more structured, I have started a new series called learning from the Bible. In this series, we would be approaching the Biblical stories in a positive lens, looking at what is valuable and what is helpful from these texts. A Positive Lens: What does a positive lens mean?Continue reading “Learning from the Bible”

Why You Should Read the Gambler

What is the Gambler?The Gambler is one of Dostoevsky’s shorter novels about the nature of the Gambler and addiction. Here he discusses morality, psychology, and the struggle that one with an addiction may face. How does it tie in with Dostoevsky’s life? Dostoevsky was a gambler and hence bases this book on his own experienceContinue reading “Why You Should Read the Gambler”

Koons v Oppy: Necessary Being to God? A Review

To view the review in docs: First stage cosmological arguments:  Demonstrate the existence of First Cause Second stage cosmological arguments: Nature of the first cause Based on explanatory role of first cause Based on the conceptual nature of the first cause  Oppy response:  What is the bigger picture?   While one cannot definitively rule outContinue reading “Koons v Oppy: Necessary Being to God? A Review”