Koons v Oppy: Necessary Being to God? A Review

To view the review in docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16a7d3jIAGOqI222LFzFAWQi1HC2Tu0yLpNNDdyJDKHQ/edit?usp=sharing First stage cosmological arguments:  Demonstrate the existence of First Cause Second stage cosmological arguments: Nature of the first cause Based on explanatory role of first cause Based on the conceptual nature of the first cause  Oppy response:  What is the bigger picture?   While one cannot definitively rule outContinue reading “Koons v Oppy: Necessary Being to God? A Review”

Oppy v. Loke on the Kalam: A Review

Intro: Recently there was a debate between Graham Oppy and Andrew Loke on the Kalam Cosmological Argument. If you want to see the review video, please find it (here) and if you want to see the original discussion feel free to find it (here). The Notes: Loke v Oppy Kalam: Loke opening: (Graham’s responses inContinue reading “Oppy v. Loke on the Kalam: A Review”