Heidegger’s Dasein and Tillich’s Ultimate Concern: A Discussion

An edited transcript from a recent discussion on Heidegger and Tillich: Today, we’re gonna be talking about Heidegger, his concept of Being (dasein) and the Ultimate Concern of Tillich. These are important thinkers in the development of existentialism, especially the German branch, and would further our knowledge on these concepts. Essentially, just for some backgroundContinue reading “Heidegger’s Dasein and Tillich’s Ultimate Concern: A Discussion”

Beauty will save the world: A Meditation

In a recent video on my channel, I was joined by a good friend of mine Warren Zhu to discuss our favourite quotes. During this discussion, I brought up a quote which I keep very close to my heart, “beauty will save the world” from Dostoevsky’s masterpiece, The Idiot. While there are a plethora ofContinue reading “Beauty will save the world: A Meditation”